Destination Arnold

Feature Documentary | 70 mins

“Accept no limits but those one’s own body imposes”
Bev Francis – Australian Female body builder in conversation with Gloria Steinem

Destination Arnold is a feature documentary that follows Kylene and Natasha on their paths to the ultimate bodybuilding competition, ‘The Arnolds’, to be held in Australia for the first time in 2015. Follow their journey as they train and workout, as they try to mould their bodies to perfection for competitions. This film shows not only the inspiring story of these two friends but it will also take you into the world of bodybuilding through the years and the ongoing debates surrounding the sport.

Director: Sascha Ettinger Epstein
Co-Director: Natasha Lawrence
Producer: Michaela Perske

Supported by: ABC TV, Screen NSW and Screen Australia and developed with assistance from Screen Australia Indigenous Unit