Making Babies

SBS Documentary Series | 2 x 52 mins

We are in the midst of radical change in the way we are having babies and creating our families. Reproductive technology has made it possible to use other people’s eggs, sperm and embryos to create children. Coupled with a host of IVF techniques, there have never been more options for hopeful couples.

Making Babies looks at both donors and recipients who have found each other in the most diverse places – through friends, via newspaper ad and through online forums. We follow them as they negotiate one of the most elemental human activities – making babies.

At the same time, the first generation of donor conceived children are now adults. While Narelle was 15 when she found out she was conceived with anonymous donor sperm, having grown up in a time when secrecy regarding donation was encouraged, she has no chance of finding her genetic origins despite the desire to understand her genetic heritage and the longing to find half siblings.

Making Babies traverses our brave new world of baby making and the lives and families of people who are on the journey.

Director: Madeleine Hetherton
Writers: Madeleine Hetherton & Michaela Perske
Producer: Michaela Perske