The Seadragon

Feature Documentary

Cansin has dedicated his life to underwater rugby – a niche sport with few players, no fans, and no conceivable chance of becoming mainstream. After moving from Turkey to pursue his dream of building the best team in the world, Cansin finds the Victoria Seadragons, an eccentric group of personalities and nationalities who have found a sense of community through the game. Cansin convinces the team, most of whom have never played competitive sport before, that they will be champions at the upcoming national competition. He has sacrificed everything for this opportunity and demands the same from the team. But, by being pushed beyond their limits, the players risk losing everything that brought them to the sport in the first place.

THE SEADRAGON weaves themes of ambition and belonging with charming, larger-than-life characters and a heart-warming story not about who wins, but about what is lost in the pursuit of winning.

Writer / Director: Dylan Birchall
Producers: Kiki Dillon & Michaela Perske